Rates & Charges

Our prices are inclusive of GST and have no hidden costs.

Cessna 172 VH-VSP: $395/hr (dual)* 
                                     $295/hr (private)
Cessna 172 VH-MJK: $435/hr (dual)* 
                                     $335/hr (private)

Cessna 182 VH-KRH: $520/hr (dual)*
                                      $420/hr (private)

Beech BE58 VH-LAP: $870/hr (dual)*
                                      $770/hr (private)

Trial Instructional Flight: $190/30mins
Theory Briefing: $55/hr
Flight Review Fee: $50
Instructor Only: $150/hr
Headset Hire: $15/day
Lifejacket Hire: $15/day
Membership Fees: $120/per year**
Darwin Airport landing fees (C172): $50/landing


*Please note, cancellation within 24 hours of scheduled flight time will incur a fee of $65
**Yearly membership of The Top End Flying Club is applicable for all students to cover maintenance costs of the aerodrome and club house facilities.