At Darwin Flight Training, we aim to provide you with the greatest flexibility in course delivery. Weekends, after hours or anytime of the day, we fly when you want to fly and our CASA approved training syllabus is designed to allow you to work at your own pace. All pilots are encouraged to actively participate with Top End Flying Club, our recreational aviation partners. Membership of the club is a requirement for all students to cover maintenance costs of clubhouse and aerodrome facilities. 

Recreational Pilot Licence

Whether you’re intending to fly recreationally or seeking a career in aviation, the Recreational Pilot Licence is the first step in achieving your goal. As part of your training you will cover the basic sequences of aircraft operation and handling, progressing through to your first solo flight and first training area solo flight. On obtaining a Recreational Pilot Licence, you’ll be able to carry passengers providing you remain within the vicinity of the aerodrome. You will be eligible to train for extra endorsements such as operating in controlled airspace and conducting cross-country flights. Allow approximately 30-35 hours of flying instruction for this stage of your training.

Private Pilot Licence

The Private Pilot Licence is the next step to take as you progress further into the world of aviation. You’ll build upon the knowledge gained in your Recreational Pilot Licence training by learning the skills of navigation and flight planning, flying to a variety of destinations both near and far along the way. With the added bonus of being qualified to fly larger and more advanced aircraft, the Private Pilot Licence will enable you to fly anywhere within Australia for pleasure or personal transportation. Allow a further 20 hours of flying instruction for this stage of your training.

Commercial Pilot Licence

The Commercial Pilot Licence is the gateway to a successful career as a pilot in the aviation industry. Our CASA approved training syllabus further enhances your Recreational and Private Licence training, developing the skills and knowledge required to operate aircraft in a commercial environment. This course is designed to maximise flexibility, allowing you to progress at your own pace with expert instructors always on hand to guide your progress. Students are required to gain 200 hours total flying experience by the completion of this course, including 100 hours of pilot in command time, to be eligible for a Commercial Pilot Licence. 

Recreational Aviation Licence Conversions

Darwin Flight Training is proud to work in partnership with Top End Flying Club, Darwin’s premier recreational aviation training provider. We offer a range of conversion training options for the recreational aviation market, from stand alone licence upgrades meeting CASA Recreational Pilot Licence standards to controlled airspace and recreational navigation endorsements. Allow 5-10 hours of flying instruction depending on your conversion training requirements.

Advanced Training

We offer a number of additional ratings, endorsements and flight reviews, all tailored to develop your skills further as a pilot. Our Night VFR rating provides the additional challenges and rewards of being able to safely operate aircraft in night conditions and is a great way to see the city at night. Our manual pitch propeller and retractable undercarriage endorsement training will allow you to progress to more advanced aircraft with ease, whilst our flight reviews offer the added flexibility of being conducted in our aircraft or yours at a reasonable cost. Want to take your hands, feet and knowledge to the next level? Get in touch about our new Instructor Rating course!